FB Live April 22, 2018 Stampin’ Sunday Mother’s Day Edition

Happy Sunday and thank you for joining me for another FB Live. I have so much to share!



So as you know Mother’s Day is right around the corner! So we always try to find something nice to do or give to show the mother’s in our lives that we appreciate them! So with that said, I have had so many requests to design Mother’s Day Cards and this particular card was created for a coworker. So today during the Live, I wanted to switch it up a bit and give a normal card a twist and show you what I came up with.

Introducing the 3D Card In A box!! I looooove card in the boxes and feel like I haven’t made enough of them. Once you learn the basics of how to construct one you are good to go and I promise you’ll be addicted! This gives you card a unique and different feel. It may look challenging but I promise it is super easy to create!!

Be warned: There are a couple of retired items on this particular card. 

The great news is that you can use any stamp set, dies, inks, embellishments, ribbon etc.to come up with any concept you like! Feel free to mix and match and unleash your creativity!!  You can make these cards as simple or elaborate as you want! The playing field is yours and the possibilities are endless. I look forward to creating more of these cards.

You can also check out my square storefront to find an array of cards to purchase or request a custom order. And I have exciting news!! I am currently working on a line of cards to purchase that have this same concept. So be sure to keep checking back as these will be listed soon!

Shop Handmade Cards Here


Let’s take a closer look at these amazing cards!!


Did you miss the show? Watch it on the replay…
***Link will be posted after FB Live***

Here are the measurments and a complete product list.
As a perk, if you place an order ($30 minimum before s/h & tax)  anytime between now & Mother’s Day (May , 2018) I’ll send you a specially designed 3D Card in a box made for you 🙂 as a token of my appreciation of you supporting my business!

 But Your order MUST be in by Wednesday at midnight!!

Insert Hostess Code

 Note: If your order is greater than $150, do not use the Hostess Code so you can get the Hostess Rewards.

Prize Patrol!


Winner announced next Sunday!!

Prize: Stylized Birthday Stamp

Here’s how to enter the giveaway…
1. Interact on the FB Live Video (1 entry)
2. Share the FB Live Video (2 enties)
Next week’s winner will be announced during next Sunday’s Facebook Live (5:00 EST)!
This giveaway will close out on Saturday!!!
Good luck & see you next week for another FB live!!



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